Welcome to Command Family Medicine.

We believe that when you are sick or injured you need to see your provider. Even more so, we believe when you are well that you need your provider to have the time to teach you how to stay well. We are part of a cutting edge movement called Direct Primary Care. We will be dealing directly with our patients in order to help individuals and families take command of their health through high value family medicine; this value will be in increased access and affordable/transparent cost of care. With locations in Springfield and Branson, we are here to serve the Ozarks.

Gone are the days where your primary care provider will tell you to go to the emergency room or urgent care because they do not have any open appointments or it is after business hours. We have time to serve you. You will have direct access to your provider. We are also helping businesses take command of the healthcare they provide for their employees. No longer will businesses have to struggle to pay for quality healthcare. We will provide higher quality care at a afforable price. How are we able to achieve this? Simply, we do not accept insurance. This frees us to do all kinds of amazing things for our patients.

By operating outside of insurance we are able to decrease the amount of patients we take care of to around 600 per provider. Compare that to the typical 2,000-3,000 patients per primary care provider.

This means that we will be able to be available for you via phone, email, or text and offer same or next day visits.

Visits will no longer be rushed and you likely will not have to use the waiting room.  These and many more benefits will be available to you and your family for a flat monthly fee (that is less than most cell phone or cable bills). There will be no co-pays either, which in combination with the increased access to your provider, effectively eliminates most barriers to getting the medical care you need when you need it.


Let’s Go Back to Future of Healthcare

How Does Command Work With My Insurance Plan?

When you combine our services with a higher deductible insurance plan, we can optimize your savings. We know this seems counterintuitive as most people have health insurance that covers everything. This is not how insurance was meant to work. Car insurance does not pay for oil changes or new tires. Homeowners insurance does not pay for new paint or air filters. Why should health insurance pay for primary care? As an insurance free practice we believe strongly that we can save you money, but most importantly give you high quality primary care.