The core of our benefits stems from the decreased number of patients each provider takes care of. This allows us to provide more personalized, easily accessible care.

Our benefits include:

Business and after hours access

During business hours, simply text your provider if you need a med refill or have a medical concern! Providers are even available after hours for urgent, time-sensitive needs!

Longer appointment time

These visits will not feel rushed, can last up to an hour or more and you likely will not wait in the waiting room! You will always have time to ask the questions you need to.  If you forget a question, you can always call or email when you think of it! These longer visits give us the time to get all the history we need to make more accurate diagnoses and hopefully avoid unnecessary tests and specialist visits.

Same-day or next-day office visit for urgent issues

If you are sick or injured and require an in-person appointment, we can typically get you in quickly. A majority of the time however we may be able to solve your issue without the need for you to come in, via text, email, or phone call! We do not offer walk-in appointments, just reach out to your provider and they can get you in quickly if needed. It’s that easy!

Wholesale labs and medications

You will be surprised at how affordable medications and labs really are. We partner with Lawrence Drug to provide all of our members with wholesale pricing on their prescriptions. We go through both Quest and LabCorp for our labs. Our patients typically save 80-90% on their medications and labs!

Wholesale or free procedures

The majority of procedures we provide will only cost you how much the supplies cost us. These include laceration repair, lesion removal, and injections to name a few. Other in-office procedures will be offered at no charge to you.