Restore Services

Laser Hair Removal– is done using Cutera’s “Xeo”, an FDA approved concentrated laser to target the pigment in hair causing the hair’s growth cycle to slow down and remove unwanted hair. Xeo is an advanced laser allowing us to treat any skin pigment as long as the hair we are removing is brown or black. Laser hair removal is not for someone with blonde, white or red hair due to the laser’s target being the melanin in hair. There is a cooling feature on the laser that ensures comfort throughout the treatment. Learn More

Pigmented Lesions– “Xeo” is used to treat sun damage such as hyperpigmentation, texture issues or uneven/dull complexion caused by sun/aging of skin. Xeo is a safe and effective way to treat these concerns for anyone wanting to achieve brighter, more uniform skin tone and texture. Learn More

Vascular Lesions– “Xeo” is used to treat vascular lesions such as spider veins, talengestacias, rosacea and cherry angiomas. This is a non-invasive, effective treatment for anyone wanting to remove or diminish any unwanted vascular lesions concerns. Learn More

Toenail Fungus/Warts– “Xeo” Excel is used to treat toenail fungus and warts. There are multiple ways to treat fungus and warts outside of lasers. Unfortunately it is very difficult to treat with pills, which are only 40% effective and are needed to take for 12 weeks that can also cause side effects. With choosing Xeo Excel you only need one monthly treatment for up to a year and you will avoid any added side effects from other methods. Learn More

Skin Revitalization/Resurfacing– “Xeo” is used for treating surface texture concerns, age spots, wrinkles, acne and overall brightening of complexion. This laser is very advanced allowing any skin pigment to be treated with minimal to no downtime. This treatment is for anyone fighting early signs of aging or wanting to promote cellular turnover in turn revealing new layers of skin. Learn More

SculpSure– SculpSure is the only FDA approved laser to kill fat cells using heat. It destroys up to 24% of fat in each area treated. This treatment is most effective for people within 30 pounds of their ideal weight or with a BMI less than 30, who have pockets of fat that they have not been able to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. It is not a weight loss solution. Learn More