COVID19 Update


We are now able to order COVID testing through the health department! It is a very simple process and we can get patients scheduled the same day and sometime within 1 hour.

Because of this new capability, we wanted to offer to help our fellow healthcare workers get testing. We have been hearing from healthcare workers that are having trouble getting tested for COVID by their employers when they have symptoms. Instead of the hospital doing the testing they are telling the employee to call their PCP to get a test ordered if needed. We are upset that this is happening to our colleagues on the front lines as before this it was already difficult to get into your PCP, now it’s even harder. Cox does have a free telemedicine service, but we are sure they are overloaded. Because of this, we will start providing free telemedicine to healthcare workers who feel they need to be tested. Any healthcare workers that go through us will not be charged to find out if you need testing or to order your test. Our billing system will still ask for a credit card but it is listed as optional and it can be left blank. If credit card information is given to us, we will immediately delete it.

If you know of anyone in this situation or are in this situation yourself, we have created a special sign-up link to take advantage of this: