About Us

The current healthcare system has made it very difficult for doctors to focus on their patients. Physicians have to worry about checking the right amount of boxes to include enough information to ensure they get paid. When it comes to physicians and patients making decisions together regarding the patient’s health, insurance coverage is one of the limiting factors. In reality, when it comes to your health the only people allowed to weigh in should be a physician who knows you and YOU!

Here at Command Family Medicine we are free from the constraints insurance puts on primary care, allowing us to help you make decisions that are right for you and your health goals. Yes, there will be occasional situations that you will need insurance. However, the majority of the time we will be able to negotiate prices outside of insurance that will be lower than what you may pay with insurance.

We are VERY passionate about getting products or services that you need at an affordable price and helping you avoid products or services you do not need that are usually too expensive anyways.

Recently, we expanded with a clinic in Branson, Missouri. Our two clinics allow for patients to visit the office (if needed) at the location that is most convenient.

There are multiple reasons we are excited about serving our patients in this model:

  1. We truly believe that this model of care will transform the healthcare system in America. We are starting to realize as a country that preventing diseases from occurring in the first place is a more cost effective option. However, the way we are currently trying to achieve this is not going to work. We believe direct primary care is the answer to lower costs and improve health.

  2. Specifically, we are very passionate about improving healthcare in Springfield, Missouri. We have seen firsthand the difficulty patients have maintaining continuity with a primary care doctor. Between urgent care/ER visits and having to change providers because their companies insurance changed, patients rarely get to see the same provider for a majority of their issues. With Command Family Medicine we will be able to provide the continuity of care that is needed from a primary care provider.  Not only will the patients get better care, but the patients will be saving money! With our wholesale labs, medications and procedures the membership cost will practically pay for itself.

  3. Time. We are able to GIVE people as much time as they need to discuss any issue they have. We are also able to SAVE people time. If an issue does not need to be seen in the clinic, we can simply give the instructions needed over the phone or email. If a prescription is needed, they can come by and pick it up or we can ship it to them overnight. Getting medical attention will no longer be inconvenient.

  4. In the current system patients are forced to go the ER or urgent care when their primary care provider is too busy or it is after business hours. This is VERY costly. It costs about $300 just to walk in the door in the urgent care and about $1000 at the ER. This is without any tests being ordered or procedures being done. A vast majority of issues seen in the ER or urgent care can easily be managed in a clinic. We love that we can be available for our patients and avoid these unnecessary costs with virtually 24/7 access.