About Us

We are part of a cutting-edge movement called Direct Primary Care. We deal directly with our patients to help individuals and families take command of their health through increased access and affordable/transparent cost of care.  With locations in Springfield and Branson, we are here to serve the Ozarks.


At Command Family Medicine, we are free from the constraints imposed by insurance, empowering you to make decisions aligned with your health goals.

While occasional situations may require insurance, the majority of the time, we have the power to negotiate prices independently, resulting in lower costs compared to insurance payments.

Our deep passion lies in ensuring you access necessary products or services affordably, steering clear of unnecessary and typically expensive offerings.

Recently, we expanded with a clinic in Branson, Missouri. Our two clinics allow you to visit the office (when needed) at a location most convenient to you.

Navigating Wellness Together

  1. We believe direct primary care is the answer to improve health and lower costs. We understand that preventing diseases from occurring in the first place is a more cost-effective option.

  2. We are very passionate about improving healthcare in the Ozarks. With Command Family Medicine we will be able to provide the continuity of care that is needed from a primary care provider.

  3. We give people as much time as they need to discuss any issue they have. If an issue does not need to be seen in the clinic, we can simply give the instructions needed over the phone or email, which saves time. If a prescription is needed, they can come by and pick it up or we can ship it to them overnight.

  4. We love that we can be available for our patients and avoid these unnecessary costs with virtually 24/7 access. Traditionally, patients are told to go to the ER or urgent care when their primary care provider is busy or it is after business hours, but it costs roughly $300 to walk in the door in the urgent care and about $1000 at the ER before any tests are ordered or procedures are done. A vast majority of issues seen in the ER or urgent care can easily be managed in a clinic.