For Businesses

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Along with the awesome services available for individuals also applying to your employees, there are multiple other ways businesses can benefit.

Decreased workman’s comp claims

Most injuries that occur at the workplace are minor and can be taken care of very easily and affordably. Instead of sending an employee with a simple laceration or low back strain to the ER, they can be seen very quickly and at no extra cost at our office. If the injury is serious or will require referral to specialists, we would recommend the employee go through the proper channels and use the workman’s comp insurance. Otherwise, we can handle a vast majority of injuries. That means less claims to insurance leading to lower or flat workman’s comp premiums.

Fewer sick days and less time spent at doctor’s appointments

With our direct access and availability your employees can contact us when they first start having an issue. This allows us to treat an illness at the beginning of their course when they are easier to fix. Your employees will be sick less and back to work more quickly.

When one of your employees needs to see us they will be seen at their appointment time and will not waste half of a work day at the doctor’s office. Also, there are many issues that can be handled over the phone, therefore, they may not need to go to our office at all and have their issue resolved quickly.

Decreased insurance claims = flat or lower premiums

With our services, we are able to handle a vast majority of issues outside of insurance (affordably). The insurance companies will notice a decrease in claims as a result. When it comes time to renew your plan the next yearyour insurance company will at least keep your premiums flat and possibly lower them! Currently most businesses are seeing at least a 30% increase in their premiums per year with traditional plans due to the ACA.

There is a business in Springfield, Missouri that has been using direct primary care for it’s 500 employees for the last 8 years and their premiums have stayed flat. That is UNHEARD currently. They are even using a traditional insurance plan.

Self-funded plan = 30-65% savings

If your business really wants to capitalize on the savings with health insurance premiums and overall healthcare costs, switching to a self-funded plan is the way to go. Basically, with this type of plan the premiums that everyone in your business pays go into a claims pool. Every time someone goes to the doctor or ER, the insurance’s portion of the bill comes out of that claims pool. If we can keep your employees out of the ER and take care of a majority of their issues without insurance, then you get a percentage of that claims pool back at the end of the year. Companies that are currently using the DPC/self-funded combination are saving an initial 10-15% compared to a traditional insurance plan. With the money they get back from the claims pool, that comes out to 30-65% total savings.

Saving time and money are great; ultimately, we know you want to take great care of your employees. We believe that by providing our services you can communicate how much you care for them. We want to keep your employees healthy and healthy employees are happy employees. As Richard Branson says, “if you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.”

We want to not only keep your employees healthy, we want to help your business be successful. Currently, businesses are having a hard time being able to put money where they need to, to make them profitable due to rising heath insurance costs.

We can help you take command of healthcare, make your employees healthy and happy AND keep your business profitable.