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Experience the red-carpet treatment with direct primary care – no insurance, minimal wait times, and your very own healthcare provider just a message away.

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The Future of Healthcare

Compassionate & Convenient care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) bypasses insurance hurdles for a close, personal bond with your primary care doctor. Like a club membership; a low monthly fee ensures unlimited, exclusive, and comprehensive care. Your doctor becomes a text, call, or email away and offers custom-tailored attention that values you as a person, not just a patient.

Explore The DPC Difference

Elevate your healthcare experience with a personalized, cost-effective, and patient-focused approach that makes it feel like you have a doctor in the family.


Easy Communication

With Command, you get extended access to your doctor through phone, email, and text, ensuring that healthcare answers are just a message away.


Better Care

Longer appointments allow for in-depth discussions, better understanding of your needs, and a lasting connection with your physician.


Low Cost

Your membership grants unlimited access to services, regardless of the frequency of visits, with no additional charges.


No Insurance

Your monthly membership covers a wide range of primary care services, eliminating the need for insurance claims for routine care.


Wholesale Prices

Members receive wholesale pricing on prescriptions, resulting in 80-90% savings on medications and labs.


Immediate Access

Enjoy the convenience of scheduling same or next day appointments for urgent issues, ensuring timely access to your healthcare provider.



Sign Up & Establish Care

Your first appointment is a 60-90-minute one-on-one session with your new primary care provider. During this initial meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your medical history, current health concerns, and any specific healthcare goals or needs you may have.


Save 80-90%

Transition your current prescriptions over to enjoy savings of up to 90%. Most in-office procedures come at no additional cost, while select procedures are billed at the cost of the supplies, ensuring you only pay for the materials used.


Low Cost

Your membership grants unlimited access to services, regardless of the frequency of visits, with no additional charges.


With a straightforward, monthly fee much like a gym membership, enjoy comprehensive care without co-pays or hidden costs.

  • Individual - $85/month
    27 years and older
  • Couples -$150/month
    2 adults over 18 years old
  • Children -$29/month
    0-19 (+ one guardian as a member)
  • Adults - $60/month
    18-26 years old
  • Business
    If your business is interested in extending our services to your employees, please contact us for details about group rates.

See the Savings

The stats are staggering. Check out all the ways families have been able to save by introducing Direct Primary Care to their lives.


Decrease in ER visits


Savings per ER visit


Decrease in days admitted to hospitals


savings per hospital stay


Decrease in unnecessary referrals

Take Command of Your Health


From managing chronic conditions to addressing common ailments and minor injuries, with your membership, you gain unlimited access to a wide array of primary care services. Explore all the ways Direct Primary Care can help you and your loved ones stay healthy.

Meet Your Team

Get to know our dedicated team of primary care providers, each with a unique blend of expertise and a shared commitment to providing personalized and compassionate care.


Jacob Welch
Jacob Welch
Great first time experience with command. Addressed my condition over the phone with pictures and had a prescription immediately. Follow up appt scheduled within a few days and went well. Answered all my questions and I feel confident any further issues will be handled immediately.
Tracy Wright
Tracy Wright
Sam is amazing! I love how if I have a simple question, she is quick to respond to me. Dr. Nowlin recommended I see her in addition to him for weight loss and I am seeing amazing results. I never thought in my wildest dreams that my body's lack of simple supplements could affect my daily life so much. I have so much more energy and my overall health is improving. The weight loss medication is starting to kick in and she is texting and emailing me to check in monthly. Going over simple diet changes and just supporting me in all I do. Command and their staff are amazing! I can't wait to see what 2024 holds for me and my health with their guidance!
Jon Easterhoff
Jon Easterhoff
Brock is intelligent and very down to earth. I would highly recommend him and his vision of healthcare. The office puts it's primary focus on patients.
Megan Zee Martin
Megan Zee Martin
I'm a patient at Command Family Medicine, working mostly with Brock Frazier, and supported by the other docs and team. I am THRILLED with how this works. The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model suits us very well, and works brilliantly with our Medi-Share program (we do this instead of insurance, MUCH better value for our dollars). Here are the things I really love about how this works: 1) The medical care has been EXCELLENT. They take the time to find out what is needed, what is wanted, and what makes sense for ME... choices are not "averaged-out" over what's typical for most people. In the past, I've had a lot of conveyor belt medicine - where the doc is so rushed he's not answering questions and you don't get the information you need, or where the doc "knows all" and isn't interested in hearing what you bring to the table. This is the TOTAL OPPOSITE of that... time and care, curiosity, listening, and collaboration. Really excellent! 2) The docs here bring an integrative approach / functional medicine attitude to health. You are not a bag of replaceable parts, you're a complex human system and applying that can make a huge difference in both results and speed. This really works, especially for complex or tricky issues like mine. 3) VERY professional and VERY friendly, both. Being at the doc isn't always comfortable and I appreciate both the professionalism and the approachable kindness. Plus a little sense of humor too. I'm definitely a Brock Fraizer fan. 4) The docs take input. I've lived in this body more than half a century, and the docs recognize I know a thing or two about what works for me and what doesn't. They also listen to concerns, and are very helpful in sorting out what's important to do now, and what might not be needed right away and can wait. They've been great about educating me so I can be a better collaborator on my own health. 5) They spend my money carefully. The cost of lab tests vs. their usefulness at a particular time is a place where money can be spent wisely... or not. Their thoughtful and collaborative approach to this has been particularly appreciated. And because this is a Direct Primary Care model, the costs of things like labs are kept to a much more reasonable range. Overall, this is a A+ health care group and I couldn't ask for better.
derek shepard
derek shepard
The people here take the time to listen and ask questions. I did not feel like I was being rushed out the door. It is a breath of fresh air to have a medical professional take the time and try to get to the root of the problem.
John Minor
John Minor
Excellent service and personal attention. Everyone at Command made me feel welcomed. I especially appreciate the time Brock spent explaining things and reviewing options of care.
Billy Patterson
Billy Patterson
I have been a patient of Command for a few years now but have just started needing them the past year. I have seen Brock for everything i needed and i could not be any happier. His knowledge and experience is excellent, he's comfortable and easy to talk to and he takes the time to listen to you. Everything has been seamless from prescriptions, check ups, office visits, referrals etc etc. Its impressive how he goes above and beyond to take care of you! I highly recommend Brock and entire team at Command!
Andrea Harrison
Andrea Harrison
Dr. Lilly is the best Dr. I have ever been to! I recently had a health scare and he has worked so hard with AND for me to get it figured out. I love knowing he is just a simple text away if I need anything instead of having to call, leave a message and wait for 2 days to get a response like I would with any other Dr. He has great bedside manner and truly cares about his patients, which is hard to find these days. The girls at the front desk are also amazing and so fun! The whole company deserves more than just 5 stars as they truly go above and beyond to make you feel welcome & cared about.

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