Mindy Watkins

Mindy is so excited to join Command Family Medicine! She has long been in search to find a medical clinic, like Command, that takes the middle man out of the way so clinicians like herself can be solely focused on the patient who needs her care and undivided attention.

Raised in Kansas, Mindy played college basketball for John Brown University in Northwest Arkansas and went on to travel the world in full-time ministry as a missionary in multiple countries, and stayed busy raising her family and homeschooling her 5 children. 

Mindy started her medical career in 2011, by becoming an RN. She worked in multiple settings, such as MedSurg, ICU, emergency, home health, and family practice as a manager and wellness coordinator. She became a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2018. She practiced medicine at a private clinic in Siloam Springs, Arkansas for 3 years, building a very successful practice before relocating to Minnesota for 2 years. In Minnesota, she worked in Express Care. 

Mindy recently relocated to Branson with one goal in mind and on her heart… Getting out of the corporate world of medicine, where patients are confined by insurance rules and regulations and are overburdened by the expense of simply needing to speak with their provider or get the care they deserve. 

Mindy is passionate about loving others, loves connecting with people on a personal basis, thinks holistically, and finds joy in communicating well with patients and listening intently. She cares deeply to get to the bottom of why someone may be having the ailments they do. Mindy promotes health and wellness, enjoys teaching lifestyle modifications and nutrition, has compassion for each one in her care, and is excited about the opportunity to take care of the community of Branson.

Outside of the medical world, Mindy‘s priority is her family.  She loves being a mother and being involved in her children’s lives. She enjoys going on mission trips and being involved in the local church. She loves being outdoors, exercising, and teaching others about healthy living.

If you need someone who will listen, who cares deeply for you as a whole person, is passionate about helping you be the very best version of yourself, then join Command Family Medical and see Mindy today. You’ll be glad you did!