Wm. Brock Frazier

Brock Frazier (PA-C) joined the Command Family Medicine team in 2020. After working 2 years in Emergency Medicine, Brock craved a deeper connection with his patients, and desired an optimal, unhurried environment for nurturing individuals in their pursuit of a healthy life, well-lived.

A lifetime Springfieldian, Brock has undergone rigorous training in collegiate liberal arts (persuasive writing, logic, rhetoric, history, etc.) at New Saint Andrew’s College, in addition to receiving his Bachelor’s in Biology and Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies at Missouri State University. Brock is known for saying that “healthcare is 50% medicine, and 50% *empowering* patients to achieve their desired outcome.” His education — coupled with a deep passion for understanding human behavior and empowerment — makes Brock uniquely qualified for helping you tackle life’s challenges, and has given him a true knack for developing a holistic approach to deliver real health and wellness. Plus, Brock just loves people, and sees unique qualities and promise in everyone that he meets! He thoroughly enjoys serving both pediatric and adult patients, and comes from a family of 10 children! In his spare time, you can find Brock studying human behavior, health-optimization, and business, as well as playing fingerstyle guitar and tennis, and spending time with his big family and dear friends!

Brock’s background in both Emergency and Family Medicine has given him a robust set of skills for managing both acute and chronic medical conditions such as anxiety, allergies, back pain, UTIs, lacerations, abdominal pain, orthopedic injuries and joint pains, dermatological conditions, and much more, as well as performing numerous acute, regenerative, and cosmetic procedures in office.

Curious if Brock would be a good fit as your primary care provider?

Brock invites you to reach out to the office to schedule a personal phone call or in-person visit!